RGD is Useful for Graphic Designers

There are many great things about the graphic design program. One thing is that being part of the program you learn about many different graphic design resources. An example of one great resource to learn from is RGD.

RGD is a network for the graphic design community. It has knowledge and creative sharing, continuous learning, research, advocacy and mentorships. RGD has many events you can attend to, such as Design Thinkers and local Future by Design events – They also host webinars. If you miss any events you can watch them online as well on their website at http://www.rgd.ca/resources/videos.php.

2015 Design Thinkers Event Poster

Unfortunately I have not had the chance to attend any of these events. When I first started the graphic design program I went to one webinar that St. Lawrence was hosting. It was interesting and great to learn what successful designers had to say. I wish I had more time to attend them and other events. I think these events are great for learning and building a network.

Not only did I hear the opinion from some great designers but I also met some graphic design students that were in 2nd or 3rd year. The graphic design program director and some of the other teachers were there too. It’s good to know other designers that you can collaborate with and learn from. It can help your designs and later in your career too.

This is only one of the great things that the St. Lawrence graphic design program offers to their students. I think it is great for the students to learn from and build a network. It is important for designers to have a variety of resources to help with research that will hopefully help to create amazing work.


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