The Design Process

Some say that the design process is more important than the final outcome. Process is important because it helps create a better solution. It’s kind of like the foundation of your work. It also shows why you have made the choices you have and you can expand and evolve your ideas and create more options for better work.

For all of my projects, I have used the design process and it has helped me improve my designs. The design process I use is strategy, design, and production. When you get a new project it’s best to start with research. After research, you start compiling notes, content, and sketches. The more sketches the better. Creating as many different possibilities as can, will help you discover new ideas. After generating as many ideas as possible, you work on the design until perfect, and then print and hand-in.

There are lots of other good design process techniques but it’s good to find one that works best for you. A good design thinking process that I recommend is the one D.School uses. Their steps are:

  1. Empathize – problem from the perspective of the user’s experience
  2. Define – problem statement
  3. Ideate – brainstorm & research
  4. Prototype – different solutions
  5. Test – impact

So, when working on a project I think it’s great to use a design process. There are lots of different processes to follow. Do you already have a favorite one? If not try researching the different kinds or even check out D.School’s design thinking process at .


 D.School’s Design Thinking Process


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