Board Games Over Time

Growing up most of us remember playing board games such as clue, sorry, monopoly, and more. Over time these board games have changed. It’s not the game itself that changed but the design that changed. This could be the design of the package, the board itself, the logo, or the game pieces.

The history of board games starts a long time in ancient times. The games were mostly engraved in caves or tombs and were written with symbols, signs, pictograms, or icons. The oldest board game was found engraved in tombs from 3,500 B.C. The game was called Senet. Mah Jong, which is still a popular game today, was found etched into titles from 800 AD.

Senet engraved in tombs


Overtime classic board games have changed; Most of these changes have been improvements. Some of the logos and packaging have been re-designed so legibility and contrast are better. Legibility hasn’t just improved on the packages but on the game too. Different typefaces have been used and more hierarchy was used. This also increased readability. Some improvements were made in the technical design of games. Such as the game Mouse Trap – When I was a child I remember being ecstatic over the game, but of course it fell apart every time. Today the game is better designed and more sufficient.


Today apps are more popular than board games, and people are almost always using technology. Kids are also more interested in playing on a device than playing a board game. This creates more competition for the board games. To reach today’s target audience most classic board games now have an app designed to be played on a phone or tablet and a website to play online.


Looking back we know that board games have been around for along time and have changed a lot. From typography to technology many things are different and have even improved. I think it’s important for kids to still play physical board games and want more board games to be designed specifically towards kids. My favorite board game was The Game of Life. What was your favourite board game and how has it changed?

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