What Really Counts

Over time I have realized there’s more to being a great graphic designer than I thought – It’s also important to overall be a good person in your work and be professional. That means it’s about more than just having top marks and portfolio.

While studying the RGD Rules of Professional Conduct, I choose to look at rule #1 a little deeper. The first rule is, ‘I am committed to meeting the professional standards of the graphic design industry and working towards the betterment of the profession across Ontario, Canada, and Internationally’.

To me as a student graphic designer this means being professional in all aspects of my graphic design work is important, so I can be successful in the industry and achieve great impacts with my work that will inspire and innovative others. It’s important to do this by being honest and responsible for upholding the industry standards. As a student graphic designer it’s my duty to lead by example to show others what they can achieve in their work and motivate them to do the same.

An example of when this rule could be used is, I see someone breaking several RGD rules while working, but they’re not an RGD member. In this case I would not report it to RGD because the Rules of Professional Conduct only apply to RGD members. Check out the full list of RGD Rules of Professional Conduct on their website, at this link https://www.rgd.ca/resources/ethics. All RGD members are required to follow these rules while working as a registered RGD graphic design.

I will use this rule, along with the other RGD rules, to help guide me through my graphic design career and remind me to be professional. It’s my responsibility to always continue my design education, and I will also only represent RGD if I’m a member. While learning the RGD handbook and these rules, I have realized there’s more to being a good graphic designer than I thought, and that it’s important to overall be a good person.


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