A Little Motivation

Letterpress printer and designer, fine artist, and family man, Vince Perez is one of Kingston’s most talented designers. His studio, Everlovin’ Press, is known for specializing in readymade and custom letterpress work. Not only is Vince a talented printer and designer, but he is also involved in many community organizations. He has an eye for detail and believes in original ways of producing work.
While being a graphic design student at St. Lawrence College I’ve had the honours of meeting Vince and hearing him speak. He was a quest speaker for our entrepreneurship course, and I met him on portfolio review day – I really appreciated his feedback and advice, and felt lucky to have been paired with him for reviews. I think Vince is really inspiring and has motivated me to believe that it is possible to be a successful graphic designer in the Kingston area. He’s inspired me to work hard for the things I want in life, and that it’s okay to be working on multiple things at once, just remember to take care of yourself too.
One of the community organizations Vince is part of is the Fat Goose craft fair. It’s a non- profit holiday season craft fair based in Kingston and has been running for 8 years by volunteers. Their goal is to create opportunities for crafts people of any stripe to exhibit and sell their work to the public. The Fat Goose Fair offers access to affordable, high-quality handmade goods to the public. Want to apply or interested in attending this event? Visit the website at http://www.fatgoosecraftfair.com.
When Vince talked to our class and I spoke with him on portfolio day he also gave some great advice. I asked him if he had any suggestions on being a graphic designer in Kingston and he told me that with Kingston being a small town it’s best to be involved in many different things to expand your network and opportunities in the city. Some more advice he gave was:
1- Know your niche or your unique skill. Don’t be afraid to be different.
2- Communication & good relationships are important
3- Believe in yourself
4- Don’t be afraid to make mistakes or take risks.
Vince Perez is an inspiring printer and designer, who’s very talented and known as a renaissance man. Everything he does, he does with passion and this drives the motivation that keeps him creative and working hard. Want to learn more about Vince and his work? Be sure to check out his website http://everlovinpress.com or follow him on Instagram @everlovin. There’s no doubt you won’t be inspired too!

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